Paul Schiek, ‘Indell’, 2011, Wirtz Art

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Series: dead men don't look like me

About Paul Schiek

While possessing the immediacy and spontaneity of snapshots, Paul Schiek’s nighttime photographs document the encounter between humans and a dark, potentially hostile world. He uses dramatic lighting and editing techniques to monumentalize seemingly mundane images, attempting to transform them into visual poetry. “Photography can’t possibly show us everything that happens,” he says. “Even if it’s not a lie, we at least know it’s not the whole truth… It frees me up to use photography as a means to make poetry instead of as a means to report a story.” Inspired by his experience buying punk records in the mail as a teenager, Schiek is perhaps best known for his mail-order, self-published, and handcrafted books that present works by both established and unknown photographers.

American , b. 1977, Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, based in Oakland, California