Pauline Bewick, ‘The Visual Translation of Brian Merriman's epic 18th Century poem The Midnight Court - Image 9’, 2007, Solo Arte

Pauline Bewick's visual translation of Brian Merriman epic 18th C poem The Midnight Court, in 11 works, carries the mastery and genius of The Midnight Court. The geography of the poem, its inhabitants, their customs, charms and dwellings, the plants and animals are all to be found meshed with the double ironies characteristic of the Merriman genre. The wit of her line, the colour and abandon of her interpretation match Merriman's play on words in that uniquely harlequin way.

Signature: Signed and embossed Bewick seal

Taken from Brian Merriman's epic 18th Century poem The Midnight Court, translated into many languages and studied in universities worldwide - Image 9 - Set free together as nature ordained, From loving and coupling, lets not be restrained

About Pauline Bewick

British, b. 1935, Northumberland, United Kingdom, based in County Kerry, Ireland