Paulo Kussy, ‘A N A T O M I L I A S’, 2017, Amref Health Africa: Benefit Auction 2017

Kussy is inspired by the PreRaphaelites, neoclassicism, baroque art, cubism, surrealism, architecture, graffiti art and the hectic day-to-day life of Luanda.

Artist Biography
Paulo Kussy was born on February 5, 1978, in Luanda-Angola. He is the Curator for the Angolan Pavilion at the 57th Edition of "Biennale di Venezia" (2017) and one of Angola’s leading contemporary visual artists. His interest for the Visual Arts manifested itself very early, having made the first sketches in the primary school. He moved to Lisbon (Portugal) in the nineties and did his secondary studies carried out at the Liceu de Oeiras - Sebastião e Silva High School. Since 1999, he has been collaborating with companies of production and animation of Cultural Events making live portraits and caricatures. In 2003 he completed his training in Fine Arts - Painting variant – by Faculty of Fine Arts - University of Lisbon – FBAUL. He is an official of the Angolan Ministry of Culture and holds the position of Professor of Drawing at the National School of Plastic Arts - supervised by the National Direction of Artistic Training of Angola – DINFA. He collaborates at the level of Higher Education as Professor of Artistic Design and Geometry in the Course of Architecture and Urbanism. In 2012 receives a scholarship of the National Institute of Management of Scholarships of Angola. In 2013, he concluded the Post-Graduation in Artistic Anatomy, at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Universidade Clássica de Lisboa – FBAUL. In 2014, he concluded the Thesis of Master Dissertation - subordinated to the subject of Comparative Anatomy - man / horse - The Mythological Figure of "CENTAUR". Paulo Kussy studied fine arts in Lisbon and is fascinated by the human body. Kussy attended school in Luanda up until the sixth grade. He then lived in Lisbon with his family for 17 years. He spent all his family holidays were spent either in Rome, Madrid, Florence, Venice or Lisbon, the culture of which influenced him pro foundly. He graduated in Painting and Masters in Artistic Anatomy at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Lisbon. And he teaches at the Methodist University of Angola.
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MIXTAPE / FITAS MAGNÉTICAS - Centro Cultural Português de Luanda, 2017; ANATOMILIAS part.02 - Centro Cultural Português de Luanda, 2015; Project BLUE ART - Refriango - Historical Figures of Angola, 2014; BFA Collective Exhibition - Allusive to the 20 years of the Angolan Development Bank., 2013; "DESPIR A PELE" - Centro Cultural Português de Luanda - Camões Institute, 2012; Coopearte Collective Exhibition - Celamar (Island of Luanda), 2012; Collective Exhibition: "One generation, several languages" - Center Cultural Luanda - Instituto Camões, 2011; Collective Exhibition alluding to Africa Day (May 25) - Hotel Skyna - Luanda, 2011

Universo Magazine, Angola, page 41-42

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