Pedro Correa, ‘Winter Rose ’, 2013, Artist's Proof

Limited Edition Photographic Print in Diasec
Correa never manipulates his photographs, simply framing real moments using clever, layered compositions. “I use levels and I do post process my photographs, but I never erase parts, detour, copy-paste or add layers. Those layers are already in the image. I work a lot with reflection and superimposition but using reality itself, things that are there that exist, likes shades, reflections, grain, dust, and the texture in general. Highlight the things that often go unnoticed.” The attention to light, reflections – veils cast over reality- soon make clear what Pedro Correa seeks to express in his photography. It is capturing a specific moment that is not constructed but which is just there. To Correa, that can only be transmitted through impressionism, by adding feeling to the decisive moment within photography. You get a story in a single image, something of a mystery.

Series: Urban Impressions

Signature: Yes

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