Pedro Varela, ‘Untitled’, 2015, Galeria Enrique Guerrero

About Pedro Varela

Pedro Varela’s paintings and installations depict dense, graphic urban landscapes in a range of media, including acrylic, ballpoint and felt tip pens, and multicolored vinyl stickers applied to the walls, floors, and stairs of gallery spaces. Featuring architecture, minarets, small islands, and shrubs, Varela’s urban environments consist of the outlines of historical buildings as well as imaginary ones, and sometimes include monochromatic planes and colorful roads that run along gallery floors, connecting different spaces. He also produces three-dimensional models of fictional cities composed of paper, wood, and acrylic, and blue paintings of imaginary groupings of plants and flowers.

Brazilian, b. 1981, Niterói, Brazil, based in Petrópolis, Brazil