Pedro Vaz, ‘Terra firme’, 2016, Baró Galeria
Pedro Vaz, ‘Terra firme’, 2016, Baró Galeria

The vídeo-installation Terra Firme is a succession of images in great visual proximity. Focus and out of focus alternate throughout changes that could suggest doubt concerning which medium was used. The author, Pedro Vaz, is also a painter. Terra Firme has two moments, the artist’s presence at Amazonian Forest and the latter presence of the spectator. At informatics high technology and surveillance era, technically, all planet can be watched. Nevertheless, it is not that way. There are uninhabited and inaccessible areas. Wild zones, which remain lonely every moment.

Lonely areas, without human presence are constant re-actualizations of the time previous to landscape existence. Eternal and permanent actualizations of the absence of image. Back when human being saw no difference between himself and his surroundings, landscape didn't exist. Self consciousness as autonomous being corresponds to consciousness of being separated from the surrounding, therefore, to the emergence of landscape.

Amazonia, as well as all wild territories, actualize, in contemporary landscape, ancestral inexistence of landscape itself; inexistence pof distintion between the human being and his surroundings. Charged with this consciousness, the presence of the artist is the medium by which the film Terra Firme is made. Artistic Immersion replaces figuration, abstration or disfiguration.

Terra Firme project was produced in the context of the artist’s participation in the residence LABVERDE (National Institute of Amazonian Research / Manifesta Art and Culture) that took place at Adolpho Ducke Forest Reserve, in Manaus, Amazónia, in September 2016.

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