Pegasus, ‘Amy Winehouse’, Oliver Cole Gallery

Amy Winehouse
45 x 35 inches
Framed, ready to hang


Pegasus is the name and signature of a semi anonymous North London street artist. Originally from Chicago, Pegasus' stenciled pieces play with popular culture's most recognizable icons such as Marilyn Monroe, Madonna, Lucille Ball, Amy Winehouse, Catherine Middleton, Queen Elizabeth II, JFK and Elvis Presley in an ironic and controversial way. The artist has stated his work is influenced by Andy Warhol as well as Lichtenstein, Damien Hirst, Keith Haring, Mr. Brainwash, Eelus and Banksy.

Pegasus is perhaps best known for Fallen Angel, an image of Amy Winehouse on the side of a Camden information centre that was whitewashed over before being repainted and 'opened' by Winehouse's mother, Janis, in December of 2013. The artwork became the site of an unofficial shrine for Winehouse in the days after the singer's death in 2011. Pegasus said: "I am so pleased that my Amy Angel work means so much to people. I love Amy and the world is a much poorer place without her. Her legacy will be remembered forever and the work the Amy Winehouse Foundation is doing is testimony to her kindness and love for others.”

Halo is the second art piece by Pegasus dedicated to the late Amy Winehouse in the singer's home area of Camden. It can be found on the wall of The Earl of Camden pub. The public graffiti image of the singer coincided with an exhibition on Winehouse at The Jewish Museum, which launched in July 2013. Pegasus created a third image of Winehouse outside Proud Gallery in support of The Amy Winehouse Foundation for a special exhibition celebrating Ms Winehouse’s 30th birthday. Proud Camden CEO Alex Proud said: "I am honoured and very humbled that Pegasus has chosen Proud Camden as the location for his ode to Amy. It's been amazing how so many people have rallied around the #Amys30 celebrations and are supporting the Amy Winehouse Foundation helping to continue the amazing work they are doing in Amy's memory."

Pegasus created a fourth tribute to Ms Winehouse once again in the image of an angel displaying a pair of wings in union flag colours in 2014. After creating the piece, Pegasus sat down with The Camden New Journal and with his fingers crossed stated, “I will continue to show my support to The Winehouse family and the foundation but after creating four pieces this is my final farewell farewell to Amy.”

Pegasus made headlines in 2013 with a stencil showing the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, as the Virgin Mary with Prince George of Cambridge as baby Jesus. The image, inspired by the 14th Century painting Madonna And Child by Italian artist Duccio di Buoninsegna, was created in honour of the arrival of the future King of England. The painting was exhibited at the Hoxton Arches gallery in London's East End in 2013 and is the fifth Royal portrait by Pegasus. Previous work featuring the royal family includes Queen Elizabeth dressed in her crown and Geri Halliwell's Union Jack swimsuit. There is also a nude Prince Harry, inspired by the media images of him while he was holidaying in Las Vegas. In 2014 Pegasus once again made headlines with a second pieces on Kate Middleton this time emulating Demi Moore’s infamous 1991 Vanity Fair nude pregnant cover shoot. In Pegasus’ portrayal the Duchess is heavily pregnant and nude covering her modesty while balancing a small crown on her belly. The piece was cleverly titled Game of Thrones. The world Media agencies had a field day some branding the piece as tasteless and disrespectful while others praising it, calling it a beautiful masterpiece. Labour Councillor Paul Convery spoke to London 24 and has described the art as "tongue in cheek" and vowed to do what he can to preserve it. “All down the Cally we have art like this that is either semi-authorized or not authorised at all, but it’s all good stuff,” Convery added. “We will do what we can to keep it because it brightens the neighbourhood up.”

In Jan 2014 Pegasus was signed under management to Lenny Villa who also successfully manages another anonymous street artist named Bambi. Under Villa’s management Pegasus has gained further success selling artworks to high profile clients which include Alexandra Burke, Alan Carr, Lindsay Lohan, Simon Cowell and Kim Kardashian.

Pegasus held his first sell out solo show at Faith Inc Gallery, London on Saturday 6 December 2014.

Pegasus is featured in two books, Happy Graffiti and Planet Banksy--both published in 2013. He designed a book cover for a special anniversary edition of Encyclopedia Madonnica in 2015.

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About Pegasus

Chicago, IL, United States, based in London, United Kingdom