Peggy Franck, ‘Inside the ear I (Y)’, 2014, Stigter Van Doesburg

About Peggy Franck

Peggy Franck is known for the photographs, taken inside her studio, of abstract still lifes made from everyday found objects. She variously hangs these images on the wall, leaves the prints rolled up on the floor as sculptures, or presents them alongside installations of similar arrangements. Franck’s compositions are careful constructions of abstract shapes and recognizable materials, gestural forms, and geometric arrangements. With these works, she began a train of thought that would extend through her other bodies of work: that of manipulating perceptions of space in two and three dimensions. In addition to photography, sculpture, and installation, her practice is ever-expanding to include new mediums. In a 2012 exhibition, Franck presented a suite of abstract drawings made on reflective paper.

Dutch, b. 1978