Peggy Jarrell Kaplan, ‘Gisèlle Vienne with Doll’, 2007, Ronald Feldman Gallery

About Peggy Jarrell Kaplan

American photographer Peggy Jarrell Kaplan explores the power of dance, without ever capturing a single footstep. Instead she focuses her lens on cutting-edge performers, as well as behind-the-scenes creatives—theater directors and choreographers, including Robert Wilson and Merce Cunningham—in penetrating portraits that capture her sitters’ personalities, with the help of carefully considered props and poses. The artist first became captivated with avant-garde performance and dance artists in the early ’80s, and slowly immersed herself in New York’s emerging scene. In their stillness, these black-and-white photographs beg the viewer to contemplate the connection between movement and creation, the body and the work of art, frozen moments and the passing of time.

American, b. 1943