Pepón Osorio, ‘Trials and Turbulence’, 2004, Ronald Feldman Gallery

About Pepón Osorio

Pepón Osorio, a 1999 MacArthur fellow and participant in the landmark 1993 Whitney Biennial, creates work that emerges from his experience as a social worker in the Bronx. His art practice includes objects, videos, and detailed installations that evoke familiar spaces such as barbershops, offices, and homes and respond to his experiences with persons inside specific, often Latino communities. His work nonetheless extrapolates beyond specificity to general themes such as family, community, and identity. His installation Drowned in a Glass of Water (2010) re-creates the home of a family he interacted with in Western Massachusetts, exploring issues of economics, cultural identity, and individual family struggles. Noting his work often yields difficult emotions, he has said he would love viewers to think about “who they are in relationship to what they had just seen, and start a negotiation not only with the artwork but with the public at large.”

Puerto Rican, b. 1955