Per Fronth, ‘Rim of the Party / Vertical’, Kunstverket Galleri

Signature: Signed by the artist

About Per Fronth

Trained as a photojournalist, Per Fronth uses painting to question the veracity of the photographic record. “I want to redefine photography by way of using my paintbrushes,” Fronth has said. His paintings are expressionistic interpretations of things he has photographed, ranging from vernacular scenes of his home country, Norway, to more politically charged subjects such as Norwegian troops in Afghanistan. Using a loose style, Fronth paints in an interpretative manner that insists that all representation is inherently biased and related to the author’s perspective. Subjective and poetic, Fronth’s work suggests that painting can play a distinct and productive documentary role that photography cannot.

Norwegian, b. 1963, Kristiansand, Norway