Pere Llobera, ‘El Rayo de Luz’, 2015, Hidde Van Seggelen

About Pere Llobera

Pere Llobera’s paintings are descended equally from traditional realist painting and casual contemporary snapshots. Many of his compositions feature subjects looking posed for the camera, but contain jarringly contradictory elements, like an out-of-place object or floating text in a speech bubble—thus quoting photography without looking photorealistic. Working in the tradition of Martin Kippenberger, Llobera makes work that is self-referential and preoccupied with the images of contemporary culture. His style is hallmarked by loose and heavy brushstrokes—not unlike Francisco de Goya, whom Llobera considers a personal hero. Pablo Picasso’s signature harlequin has also made several appearances in Llobera’s works.

Spanish, b. 1970, Barcelona, Spain, based in Amsterdam, Netherlands & Barcelona, Spain