Perle Fine, ‘Summer I’, 1958-1959, Denver Art Museum

"Women of Abstract Expressionism"

Venue: Denver Art Museum, Denver (2016)

About Perle Fine

Perle Fine was an Abstract Expressionist who produced works in multiple modes of abstraction during the 50 years of her prolific career. Fine’s artistic training began in her teens, when she studied illustration and graphic design; she also studied with Kimon Nicolaides, Hans Hofmann, Robert Blackburn, and Pruett Carter. In her own time, she would often go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art to copy her favorite painters: Paul Cézanne, Paul Gauguin, and Pierre-Auguste Renoir. Though she considers herself foremost a painter, Fine also experimented with etching, collage, and drawing. Though her brushwork became looser and heavier with time, Fine was always recognized for her ability to create visual rhythms using geometric forms, colors, and lines.

American, 1905-1988

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