Peter Allen Hoffmann, ‘Ithan Creek #1’, 2013, Freight + Volume

About Peter Allen Hoffmann

Ranging from abstraction to representation, Peter Allen Hoffmann makes paintings about the history and process of his medium. His work is driven by his interest in artists past and present, who helped to define their medium by mastering and pushing it beyond perceived boundaries. This is reflected in an intimately scaled, meticulously rendered suite of compositions, in which he re-imagines the works of artists like Gustave Courbet and Josef Albers. In larger-scale works, he explores the history of abstraction in striped and patterned canvases based upon quilts. For Hoffmann, painting is intimately entwined with time, both historical and durational: “I’m interested in slowing people down. I think that any sort of time investment in a painting comes through in slowing the viewer’s eye down, which is the most difficult thing to do.”

American, b. 1979, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, based in New York, New York