Peter Dayton, ‘Untitled (White Tulip repetition)’, 2002, Winston Wächter Fine Art

About Peter Dayton

Peter Dayton’s pop oeuvre is characterized by stylized images of flowers and surfboards. “I’m not that interested in content,” Dayton has said. “I’m interested in style, meaning, how things are done.” In his surfboard works, Dayton creates glossy, rectangular panels adorned with brightly colored stripes, emulating 1960s surfboard designs. He leans many of his works against the wall, rather than hanging them, effectively bridging the divide between sculpture and painting, and evoking the form and sheen of John McCracken’s signature fetish works, which were also inspired by surfing culture. His flower works similarly abstract rote imagery into formalist detail. The canvases are loose compositions covered in floral buds, and, like Warhol’s famous flower paintings, subsume the literal content of the image through excessive repetition and an emphasis on color and pattern.

American , b. 1955, New York, New York, based in East Hampton, New York