Peter Demos, ‘Untitled 24’, 2011, David Richard Gallery

About Peter Demos

Peter Demos’s large abstract works combine traditional painting techniques with digital image practices. Demos relies on golden ratio proportions, symmetry, and monochrome in his work, using subtly different tones of black to create small variations within a controlled context. He finishes many of his surfaces with a reflective gloss that renders them dynamic and in flux. Demos feels his strength lies in his ability to address “painting’s fertile and extensive history as well as its current, shifting position within contemporary culture,” he says. He sees his works both as paintings and as signifiers that represent the idea of painting, in the same way that words stand in for objects and concepts. His influences include such artists as Richard Serra and Blinky Palermo and reach from European abstraction to American minimalism.

American, b. 1981, Wheat Ridge, Colorado, based in Brooklyn, New York