Peter Doig, ‘Sea Lots’, 2013, Two Palms

Paper 14 1/4 x 18 inches

Signature: Signed in graphite lower border recto

Publisher: Two Palms, NY

Museum of Modern Art

About Peter Doig

Peter Doig’s enigmatic paintings are characterized by their captivating combination of figurative depiction and dreamlike quality. Doig draws on personal memories from his childhood in Canada, as well as imagery sourced from photographs and films, to craft images that exist in fantastical, timeless spaces that feel both personal and universal. In Concrete Cabin (1994), one of Doig’s many depictions of Le Corbusier’s modernist apartment buildings, Doig depicts the pristine architectural monument against a dense, ominous forest, creating an uncanny tension that is integral to Doig’s work.

English, b. 1959, Edinburgh, United Kingdom, based in Trinidad

Exhibition Highlights

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