Peter Downsbrough, ‘HERE’, 2009, Krakow Witkin Gallery

Black tape, black self-adhesive letters and 1/2" pipe painted black

Series: Edition of 9

Signature: Handling proof/exhibition copy

Image rights: Barbara Krakow Gallery

About Peter Downsbrough

Trained as an architect, the conceptual sculptor and photographer Peter Downsbrough creates spatial interventions with a minimalist visual vocabulary of letters and lines. Using adhesive black letters to form words, and clothtape to form lines, Downsbrough applies them to walls, floors, and ceilings, playfully responding to existing architecture, reconfiguring spaces, and subverting the conventional logic of these linguistic elements. His installation GAUGE/OT (2009) features the word “Gauge” printed vertically and sliced down the middle, its mirror image adhered to an adjacent wall; the other half of it runs along the inside of a diagonally placed square. “The word for me is an object,” he has said. “It has both a precise and a vague meaning. It is a universe one is confronted with.” He also produces artist books composed of text, line drawings, maps, and photographs of urban space.

American, b. 1940, New Brunswick, New Jersey, based in Brussels, Belgium