Peter Gallo, ‘Blut ist blaeh blaeh’, 2012, Anthony Reynolds Gallery

About Peter Gallo

Peter Gallo is a reclusive artist known for assemblages and collages created from materials as varied as dental floss, animal bones, photos, tooth picks, and string. The boundaries between Gallo’s mind and work are fluid—he rarely deems a piece complete, continually amending and improvising. His deceptively quiet body of work comprises mixed-media pieces in which Gallo combines imagery from sources as diverse as gay pornography and ornithology with words by Roland Barthes, Freud, and bands like Joy Division and The Cocteau Twins. Wrote one reviewer, “[Gallo has] an apparent disdain for material, an alert scavenger’s attitude toward culture, an eye for the poignant frailties of the vernacular, and an occasionally breath-taking ability to evoke issues of great import.”

American, b. 1959, Rutland, Vermont, based in Hyde Park, Vermont