Peter Krausz, ‘Et in Archadia Ego, No. 22 (1191)’, Wallace Galleries

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About Peter Krausz

Peter Krausz paints velvety golden-green landscapes of rolling hills and terraced fields that radiate luminosity. This saturation of color is produced through a classical painting technique—secco—in which pure pigments are mixed with egg emulsion on a prepared wood panel surface. Painted in intensified color from both memory and observation, Krausz’s landscapes often appear to transcend specific space, though Mediterranean terrains feature prominently, including politically charged areas such as the United Nations-controlled “dead zone” in Cyprus that Krausz painted in “(No) Man’s Land”. In this series, Krausz presented 14 large, vertical canvases side-by-side to create a spliced panorama, with segmented blocks of color invoking political borders, Krausz’s personal history of escaping across a Cold War border, and his preoccupation with capturing humanity’s relationship to the natural world.

Romanian, b. 1946, Romania, based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada