Peter Lapsley, ‘Untitled’, 2013, VICTORI+MO CONTEMPORARY

About Peter Lapsley

Peter Lapsley’s formal, conceptual approach to sculpture questions the relationship of objects to their contexts. His works, typically composed of Mylar, gold, and steel, rely on perceptual experiences of negative space, depth, light, and shadow. Lapsley is interested in “the idea of objects,” as he has said. “It is the idea of touch, of this form existing in the world, and how that's related to other similar objects that all cultures fetishize.” His sculpture Commodity and Desire (Brklyn/NY) depicts traces of Brooklyn scenery in 24-karat gold layered on glass. Lapsley hones the material to create a painterly effect, while also showcasing its physical presence, allowing ambient light to cast a shadow behind the glass.

Bermudian, b. 1976, based in Brooklyn, New York