Peter Liepke, ‘Waiting For My Audition’, 2012, Gallery 270

About Peter Liepke

Using a 100-year-old Graflex camera, Peter Liepke captures nostalgic black-and-white and sepia-toned photographs of New York City. The soft, gauzy images evoke a dream-like quality that connects Leipke’s contemporary cityscapes to the rich history of the famed metropolis. Eschewing the high-definition quality of contemporary digital photography, Liepke employs analog cameras and age-old platinum/palladium printing processes to express his romantic perspective. According to Liepke, his artistic impetus is the “challenge of looking beyond the gritty streets by depicting an urban atmosphere with beauty, utilizing a more intimate cinematic approach engaging the viewer, as opposed to the current more popular trend in contemporary photography of massive-sized prints, overly saturated with color.”

American, St. Louis Park, Minnesota, based in New York, New York