Peter Regli, ‘RH 363, MM/AZ MIX (#13)’, 2017, Galerie Laurence Bernard

About Peter Regli

In the nineties, Swiss artist Peter Regli launched “Reality Hacking,” an extended project that today includes over 300 works that have been shown on four continents. Borrowing from land art, public installation, surrealism and sound art, Regli’s work is an ongoing, and often temporary intervention, injecting wit, whimsy, and wisdom into otherwise everyday spaces. The artist typically works with either marble or untreated stone to explore notions of spirituality and history, and to constantly create ruptures in our social environment. Regli’s irreverent interventions are often executed anonymously, aligning him with the faceless yet disruptive Web hackers of our time.

Swiss, b. 1959, Andermatt, Switzerland, based in New York, New York

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