Peter Saville, ‘Waste Painting, EMI, 6.0 ’, 2004, Paul Stolper Gallery

About Peter Saville

Peter Saville is a graphic designer known predominantly for his edgy work for the music and fashion industries. Saville’s career began in the late 1970s in Manchester, England, at the nascent Factory Records, an independent label that went on to establish rock bands like Joy Division and New Order. Over the decades, his influences have ranged from mid-century modernist painting and classical art to stock imagery and his own old designs. Saville based the album cover for New Order’s Technique (1989) on the work of postwar artist Yves Klein. Although Saville’s designs help sell music and clothes, he is a harsh critic of consumerism and brand obsession. He has been the creative director of his native city of Manchester since 2004.

British, b. 1955, Manchester, United Kingdom