Peter Wegner, ‘Reverse Atlas (ten works)’, 2008, Wright
Peter Wegner, ‘Reverse Atlas (ten works)’, 2008, Wright

Each sheet measures: 20 h x 20 w in
These works are number 10 from the edition of 500.

Signature: Signed and numbered to verso of each example with printed title and date 'Peter Wegner from the series Reverse Atlas, 2008 Edition 10 of 500 Peter Wegner 2008'.

About Peter Wegner

Peter Wegner investigates the interplay between linguistic conventions, systems of classification such as taxonomy and list making, and color perception. “We think we know what a color is, what a word means,” he says. “But the simplest things elude us. They are contingent, defined by circumstances.” His paintings, sculptures, large-scale installations, and photography are each attempts to disrupt viewers’ perceptions of a given color or word, and to draw attention to areas of the perceptual experience that often go unnoticed. For Short Poem About A Cloud (2010), he mounted a white, irregularly gridded object onto the wall, encouraging a meditation on the color white by allowing the wall and the glossy white enamel to interplay before the viewer.

American, b. 1963

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