Peter Wegner, ‘Yesterday, Today + Tomorrow’, 2010, Wright

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Signature: Signed, titled and dated to verso 'Peter Wegner Yesterday, Today + Tomorrow 2010'.

William Griffin Gallery, Santa Monica | Private Collection

About Peter Wegner

Peter Wegner investigates the interplay between linguistic conventions, systems of classification such as taxonomy and list making, and color perception. “We think we know what a color is, what a word means,” he says. “But the simplest things elude us. They are contingent, defined by circumstances.” His paintings, sculptures, large-scale installations, and photography are each attempts to disrupt viewers’ perceptions of a given color or word, and to draw attention to areas of the perceptual experience that often go unnoticed. For Short Poem About A Cloud (2010), he mounted a white, irregularly gridded object onto the wall, encouraging a meditation on the color white by allowing the wall and the glossy white enamel to interplay before the viewer.

American, b. 1963

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Galerie m Bochum at Art Basel 2014