Petra Feriancova, ‘Vulnerable yet everlasting II.’, 2015, VILTIN Gallery

About Petra Feriancova

Petra Feriancova is known variously as a writer, curator, and artist of multiple mediums, though her pursuits are guided by her singular interest in historic and personal archives. The artist identifies a defining moment in her career as one in which she decided against creating original imagery: “My work involving the external world has become saturated to such an extent that I decided to focus on material already accumulated,” she says. Feriancova’s subsequent installations and projects have been research-based undertakings, based on collections accumulated by her and her extended family members. Though themes in her work may change, Feriancova returns to landscape as a recurring motif and, according to the artist, “the only subject that I will openly thematize.”

Slovakian, b. 1977, Bratislava, Slovakia, based in Bratislava, Slovakia

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Klaviatura | Petra FERIANCOVÁ

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kunsthalle Athena, 
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