Petrus Schenk, ‘Nieu Amsterdam, een stedeken in Noord Amerikaes Nieu Hollant, op het eilant Mankattan: Namaels Nieu Jork genaemt, to en het geraekte in't gebiet der Engelschen.’, 1702, The Old Print Shop, Inc.

This is a view of New York City circa 1674. The Dutch first settled Manhattan in 1626 calling the city New Amsterdam, the British captured the city in 1664 and renamed New York, in honor of James, the Duke of York. During the Third Anglo-Dutch War, the Dutch recaptured the town in July 1673 and renamed it New Orange. This view was engraved by the German Dutch engraver Petrus Schenk in 1702 but the view is the state of New York City in circa 1674. In November of 1674 the Dutch signed the Treaty of Westminster and ceded New York City back to the British.

I.N. Phelps Stokes, "The Iconography of Manhattan Island 1498-1909." Volume. I, plate 15, page 220-221.

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