Pham Hong Son, ‘Fishing Village II’, Artist's Proof
Pham Hong Son, ‘Fishing Village II’, Artist's Proof
Pham Hong Son, ‘Fishing Village II’, Artist's Proof

This a one-of-a-kind 39 × 31- inch oil painting on canvas is by Vietnamese artist Pham Hong Son. It is signed on the back and front by the artist. It is wired and ready to hang. A certificate of authenticity is included.

About the Artist
Through sincerity and simplicity, Pham Hong Son’s (Vietnamese, b. 1967) paintings resonate loudly the joy of man and nature as one entity. Although he grew up during the Vietnam War, he did not let this deter him from opportunities to travel, explore and learn.

After each journey, the impressions that lingered with him were the landscapes of the riverside, the boats that lay still under the baking sun, the slender bridges that faithfully led passengers to their homes over the flooding waters, the delicate and rudimentary houses made of wood and bamboo, supported by nothing but skinny poles, women breaking up the earth to prepare for the planting season, and fishermen wielding their graceful nets in search of the ever-elusive catch.

Using a predominantly white background, he wishes that the interplay between heaven and earth would accentuate a world brimming with life. This vitality is rich in feelings, music, poetry, and warmth. Such simplicity and coarseness highlight the intimate attachment between nature and men, as well as the relations amongst humans themselves. 2Son notes; “I wish to harmonize myself with the indigenous creatures and people of the land, where black and white seem to carry color, scent, romance, and rhythm, with a touch of natural music from water and wind.”

Pham Hong Son was born in the Thai Nguyen Province. Son graduated from the Hanoi Fine Arts University in 1992 and currently lectures at his alma mater. He is also a member of the Vietnam Fine Arts Association and the Hanoi Fine Arts Association. The incredible quality of his work has generated an extensive international interest. His paintings can be found in private collections in many countries such as the United Kingdom, France, United States, Canada, Japan, South Korea, Austria, Australia, Russia, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Signature: Yes

About Pham Hong Son

Vietnamese, b. 1967, Hanoi, Vietnam