Phenomenalmark, ‘Art God’, 2016, Street Art for ACLU: Benefit Auction 2017

Work ships from Los Angeles.

Phenomenal Mark is a tour de force in the fine art space and now fashion realm. Hailing from Philadelphia, the artist was inspired early on in his career by the city’s majestic history of public art programs and activism and brought that enthusiasm with him when he relocated to Los Angeles. He quickly became entrenched in the L.A. street art scene, which helped him further unravel his artistic side and perfect his uniquely phenomenal markings. In his fine art canvas work, Phenomenal Mark examines issues such as supremacy, equality and empowerment through his expressive lines, stylized figures and stylishly parsed down color palette. Often instinctual, at times predetermined, Phenomenal Mark creates designs that are reminiscent of the formidable Keith Haring. Deceptively simple, the artist presents compositions that can be easily appreciated on a purely aesthetic level but also speak to the subconscious mind. Themes of love, lust, jealousy, envy, negativity and positivity lurk nonlinearly within his work, begging to be decoded and revealed.
—Courtesy of Lizy Dastin

Signature: Signed