Phil Chang, ‘Untitled (Purple Monochrome)’, 2015, PRAZ-DELAVALLADE

About Phil Chang

A photographer with a conceptual bent, Phil Chang aims to confound expectations and complicate our understanding of what constitutes a photograph. In his words: “What I enjoy about making photographs in the context of art is being able to complicate what is typically a tight correspondence between a photograph’s subject and object.” In other words, Chang seeks to disrupt the documentary or representational qualities of photographs, instead demonstrating that images are always framed, mediated, and often manipulated by the person in control of the camera. He achieves this goal through portraits, still lifes, landscapes, appropriated images, abstractions, and shots of his own studio, all of which have hidden qualities beyond their surface appearance. In his portrait series, for example, Chang left his prints chemically unfixed so that the images will slowly degrade and eventually disappear entirely.

American, b. 1974, based in Los Angeles, California