Philip Buller, ‘Which Gitana’, 2018, Julie Nester Gallery

About Philip Buller

In his painted scenes of indeterminate locations, Philip Buller constructs meaning and aesthetic presence through the addition and subtraction of paint. Buller begins his work by creating lush, expressionistic scenes—often with an aquatic element—and then stripping away paint and adding elements from seemingly different scenes. Describing his process, Buller has said, “I apply paint, remove paint—creating and obscuring forms. A form must be fully realized before it can be obscured. The ambiguity of a blurred image often encourages me to reach below a literal interpretation of form.” Arriving at a collage effect, these works cohere through their palette and his brushwork in which figures are so loosely formed they seem on the verge of disappearing into an abstract swath of color. The placeless quality of Buller’s work parallels his globetrotting childhood as the son of diplomats.

American, b. 1954