Philipp Bauknecht, ‘Drei Bauern auf dem Feld (Three farmers on a field)’, 1924, Galerie Thomas

Signature: signed lower left

About Philipp Bauknecht

German expressionist painter Philipp Bauknecht is known for his richly colorful works depicting life in the Swiss Alps. He was born in Barcelona in 1884 to German parents who moved back to Germany a few years later. At the age of 26, Bauknecht was forced to relocate to the Swiss resort of Davos due to tuberculosis. He lived in the fashionable spa town until his death, and his paintings, watercolors, and woodcuts draw from the area’s lush landscape and surrounding peasant life. Bauknecht’s style was strongly influenced by both late impressionism and German expressionism, one of whose founders, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, regularly visited Davos and came into contact with Bauknecht. The artist died prematurely in 1933 during surgery, and the Nazis subsequently confiscated his works. Following the rediscovery of his art in 1960, Bauknecht’s paintings have been widely exhibited.

German, 1884-1933, Barcelona, Spain, based in Davos, Switzerland