Philippe Braquenier, ‘State Archives of Belgium / National Archives 2 - Jospeh Cuvelier repository – Brussels, Belgium – 08/10/02015’, 2015, The Ravestijn Gallery

Based in the old paper mills buildings of Haeseldonckx, the Joseph Cuvelier repository can accomodate up to 49 kilometer of linear archives. The building was built in 01912 by the famous belgian architect Fernand Bodson. It was later rebuilt and extended several times, occupying five hundreds neighboring plots in total. Facades, roofing, bearing structures as well as some interior elements are on the heritage list, as a monument, by the governement of the Brussels-Capital region, because of their historical and artistic interest. The expension that holds classified infrastructures gave this chaotic feel of the building. Here, a breather pip for temperature control adapts to its environment.

About Philippe Braquenier

Belgian, b. 1985, Mons, Belgium, based in Brussels, Belgium

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16th Venice Architecture Biennale, 
Venice, Italy,