Philippe Huart, ‘ Silence sacré.’, 2015, Galleri GKM

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Painted on the sides. No frame needed.

Signature: Signed, titled and dated on the verso.

Image rights: Copyright Galleri GKM

Acquired directly from the artist.

About Philippe Huart

Painter Philippe Huart creates glossy images of intoxication and consumerism, aiming to show the effects of marketing and advertising on the human psyche. Gel capsules, blooming flowers, Coca-Cola, wrapped candy, Mickey Mouse, and handguns recur as motifs. The objects spread to the edges of each canvas in compositions that frequently lack a focal point, save for a few words subtly printed at their centers. In Pushin' Too Hard (2011), the canvas is broken into two horizontal sections: above is a rainbow-colored swath of candy—wrapped peppermints, Tootsie Pops, and gumballs; below a handgun lies on its side, its chamber open and exposed. Dividing the two is the provocative command “push.” Such arrangements suggest there is sweetness in violence and vice versa, while the directive to push references both the trigger of the gun and the temptation of the saccharine treats.

French, b. 1953, Clamart, France, based in Paris, France