Philomene Pirecki, ‘Grey Painting: Text Version 55 (framed by text version 4, 2008)’, 2015, Supplement

About Philomene Pirecki

A common conceptual theme unites Philomene Pirecki’s varied practice in photography, installation, painting, performance, and sculpture—a curiosity for testing and visualizing impermanence, as evidenced by her use of materials with mutable qualities. Her series “Equivalence” (2011-) incorporated rejected artworks with sheets of steel into highly reflective pieces; for the “Grey Painting” series (2007-) Pirecki made compositions out of repeated brushstrokes of multiple concurrent colors, until the pigments blended into gray. In 2012, Pirecki made an untitled public work—a cube installed on a clocktowter—using paint that would change opacity and color depending on the weather.

British, b. 1972, Channel Islands, United Kingdom, based in London, United Kingdom

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