Pierre Auville, ‘Whites’, 2014, IdeelArt
Pierre Auville, ‘Whites’, 2014, IdeelArt

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Auville works with construction cement. Applying techniques used in the construction and ship building industries, he spreads the cement over Ursalite (high-density foam panels), creating pieces ranging in size from one to eight square meters.

Whites is part of a body of work where the artist explores the notion of whiteness.

White is pure light (and conversely); It is the optical combination of all colours; But if you combine all the pigments colours, you will get a grey-beige, never a pure white. White is someting else.

When walking in a snow storm, when snow melts into light, nothing else exist than white.

In his explorations, Auville works with white cements, a deeply matte (and very white) material.

With Whites, two juxtaposed rectangles, although made in the same material, will look sligtly different because of their different size and texture.

Signature: verso

Directly from the artist’s studio

About Pierre Auville

French, b. 1968, based in Paris, France