Pierre Chareau, ‘Pair of MT 344 Bar Stools’, 1926, Maison Gerard
Pierre Chareau, ‘Pair of MT 344 Bar Stools’, 1926, Maison Gerard

This model, MT 344, was designed for the Beauvallon country club (in the south of France) and the Grand-Hôtel de Tours in 1926.

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L’amour de l’art, n° 2, February 1928, p 60

A private club in Lille, northern France, which was at the time entirely furnished by Chareau. These stools were at the cognac bar of the club.

About Pierre Chareau

Pierre Chareau is often cited as one of France’s first truly modern architects. Educated at the École des Beaux Arts in Paris, Chareau was interested in Cubism and boldly experimented with materials like glass, steel, and light itself. He’s best remembered for his Maison de Verre (House of Glass), France’s first house made entirely of glass and steel. Built in 1932 as an office and home for Dr. Jean Dalsace, the building is notable for its juxtaposition of a transparent, seemingly weightless structure and custom mechanical innovations with traditional décor and furnishings. Chareau also made designs on a smaller scale, his furniture and lighting expressing the same fascination with technology, material, and complex forms.

French, 1883-1950