Pierre Charpin, ‘M&C Side Table, Marbles & Clowns collection ’, 2015, Galerie kreo

Numbered and signed pieces.

Image rights: © Sylvie Chan-Liat - Courtesy Galerie kreo

Manufacturer: Galerie kreo

About Pierre Charpin

From the outskirts of Paris in the commune Ivry-sur-Seine, renowned contemporary French designer Pierre Charpin has designed and produced innovative objects and furniture since the early 1990s. After receiving his degree from the National School of Fine Arts in Bourges in 1984, Charpin has researched, designed, and taught extensively, commonly participating in the actual production of his work (both experimental and of international renown, such as for big-name companies like Italian design factory Alessi.) Deeply compelled by the redesign of existing objects, Charpin enjoys the challenge of updating firmly established methods—ultimately, he has said, “to respond to the need to reclaim the world that already exists . . .”

French, b. 1962, based in Ivry sur Seine, France