Pierre Cordier & Gundi Falk, ‘Chimigramme 8/2/14’, 2014, SCHEUBLEIN + BAK

About Pierre Cordier & Gundi Falk

Experimental photographer Pierre Cordier and painter Gundi Falk began their collaboration in 2011. Their creations are known as Chemigrams—a hybrid of photography and painting that Cordier first invented in and has been using since 1956. Cordier explains that he began to develop this novel technique not only because he enjoyed playing with the medium, but also because he did not want to be “an artist who’s content with repeating what already exists.” Chemigrams are unique works made without the aid of a camera. Viscous materials, like honey, syrup, oil, varnish, and wax, are applied to photosensitive paper with rollers, brushes, and sprays in broad daylight; the paper is then immersed in developer and fixative. The results vary from rigid to gestural in their abstraction, evocative of sky and landscapes.

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