Pierre Coupey, ‘After Rilke IV’, Odon Wagner Contemporary

About Pierre Coupey

Pierre Coupey’s “Field Paintings” expand and update the work of mid-century Color Field painters such as Mark Rothko, Clyfford Still, and Helen Frankenthaler, introducing new ideas and points of reference. Whereas those artists were invested in exploring the artist’s interiority—thoughts, emotions, sensations—Coupey’s fields also refer to battlefields, agricultural fields, and academic fields. Having founded two literary journals, Coupey has a vested interest in poetry and literature, and the inclusion of almost textual marks in some of his paintings invokes the idea of a page as a field for literature, poetry, and rhetoric. His vibrant colors and drippy, lyrical abstract marks are suggestive of space and specific places, but open enough to suggest multiple readings.

Canadian, b. 1942