Pierre Joseph, ‘Football Player, Gladiators (Character to Be Reactivated)’, 2014, Air de Paris

Similar to the historical tableaux vivants, French artist Pierre Joseph (born in 1965) enacts little narrative scenarios with living persons, especially the death of well-known mythological figures and popular literary characters. Fairy tale figures and Easy Rider heroes, toreros and cowboys – they all belong to the inventory of our collective consciousness, and in Joseph’s tableaux, they often die a most human or even pitiful death. The era of media innocence has just passed away and its heroes and heroines have disappeared. Their former, mythically transfigured existence was frozen in the moment of its end, when human existence is mercilessly confronted with all its banalty. With this work, Joseph has created a very ;impressive and unequivocal image of death.
Extract from "Live and Let Die" by Udo Kittelmann
June 4 - 20, 1998, Apexart

Image rights: Courtesy of the artist and Air de Paris, Paris.

First apparition:
Art Basel, Basel, 2014

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