Pierre-Marie Brisson, ‘Parmi Les Reves’, Bill Lowe Gallery

About Pierre-Marie Brisson

Pierre-Marie Brisson’s lyrical, collaged paintings of ballet dancers recall masters such as Matisse and Degas. With both imagination and studied acumen, Brisson seeks to convey the grace of human movement, both in the twirling bodies of his subjects and in the fanciful marks he makes. His painterly fields, splatters, and drips reinforce the dancers’ expressive gestures. In works such as the aptly named Passion, a girl silhouetted in rich alizarin red bends over, her dress splaying backwards. Across the atmospheric, textural beige expanse of the canvas is dashed another loose, bright red mark at her feet. Her posture, read against this spray, suggests shock and amazement.

French, b. 1955

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