Pierre Roland Renoir, ‘Les Parapluis’, 1995, Art Ventures Gallery

About Pierre Roland Renoir

Pierre R. Renoir was born in 1958 in the Principality of Monaco. At an extremely early age, he demonstrated an innate talent for the arts. Mr. Henri Baviere, an engraver extraordinaire of St. Paul de Vence and a member or Renoir’s family, encourage young Renoir to persue the arts and further develop his skills. By this time, the artist was proving to be incredibly adept at la gravure a la pointe-seche (drypoint engraving), a technique used at the end of the fifteenth century.

In 1978, the Renoir family emigrated from Europe to Canada. Renoir gave his first exhibition of drypoint engraving works that same year in Edmonton, Alberta. The exhibition was a success and the artist went on to show his works in such locations as Alberta, Toronto and St. Albert in Canada as well as New York, Houston and Las Vegas in the United States.

As a tribute of gratitude to and respect for his great grandfather, the world-renowned French impressionist Pierre Auguste Renoir, young Renoir created a series of engravings. Pierre Renoir has declared that the works of his great grandfather have had an immense impact on his own development as an artist.

After having spent nine years in North America, Pierre Renoir returned to France for a short while before returning the United States and settling in the Monterey Bay area of California. where he continues to dedicate himself to the art of engraving.

French, b. 1958, Monaco, based in Edmonton, AB, Canada