Pietro Melandri, ‘Arlecchino’, ca. 1948, Aria d'Italia

Each panel is composed by a mosaic of glazed ceramic tiles of different forms.

These four ceramic panels are part of a serie of twelve originally made for one of the most important caffè pasticceria of Sicily, the Ritrovo Irrera of Messina designed by Arch. Filippo Rovigo and decorated by Melandri before 1948.

About Pietro Melandri

Pietro Melandri was born in Faenza, a city with a long history of ceramic production. Between 1897 and 1905, he was an apprentice at the Brothers Minardi workshop. He later moved to Milan where he worked as a decorator and attended evening classes in set design at the Brera. During WWI, while imprisoned in Hungary, he became familiar with the Vienna Secession and created his first ceramics. [Source: Jason Jacques]

Italian, 1885-1976, Faenza, Italy