Piper O'Neill, ‘Electric West #6’, 2015, Friesen Gallery

About Piper O'Neill

Exploring themes of kitsch and nostalgia, Piper O’Neill’s mixed-media works reexamine the past to better understand the present. Her work incorporates drawings, paintings, collaged tissue paper, embroidery thread, and found objects as it address gender roles, mortality, and material detritus. Her “Marking Time” series incorporates vintage chalkware figures, given as carnival prizes during the Great Depression, and Kewpie dolls. The cowboy-shaped statuettes operate as kitsch emblems of a bygone cultural era. Finding comfort in domestic materials such as these, O’Neill also works with dress pattern tissue, a tactile reminder of her childhood sewing experiences. In this regard, her art acts as a visual catharsis, incorporating familiar materials in a blend of nostalgia, symbolism, and imagination.

American, b. 1978, Ouray, Colorado, based in Seattle, Washington