Pope.L, ‘Little Plum (Test Print With Adjustment)’, 2015-2016, LAXART

The Re-Photography project is built on the premise of many originals and no original-original. In the process of making these works, many originals are created. This is one of those. One way to think of this work is as a working drawing within a project composed of working drawings. This is one of the few version in which the artist has intervened with hand-drawn marks. Courtesy of the artist.


Image rights: Courtesy of the artist

Pope.L studio

About Pope.L

Pope.L, who calls himself “The Friendliest Black Artist in America©” and is among the foremost contemporary performance artists, addresses labor, race, and identity in projects both searing and humorous. His work, which also includes photographs, sculptures, writings, paintings, drawings, and community projects, aligns with Fluxus. Asked if he considers himself an activist, he replied: “When people use the word activism today, it sounds like after-ism...The space I create in my work for others is more formalist, like, ‘change the world’” Among his numerous iconic pieces is The Great White Way, 22 miles, 9 years, 1 street (begun 1990), for which Pope.L donned a cape-less Superman costume, strapped a skateboard to his back, and dragged himself up the entire length of Manhattan’s Broadway—a visceral, ridiculous, poignant display, or, in his words, “public prostration in motion.”

American, b. 1955, Newark, NJ, United States, based in Chicago, IL, United States

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The 2017 Whitney Biennial
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Shane Campbell Gallery at Art Los Angeles Contemporary 2015