POSE, ‘Piñata No. 2’, 2012, Julien's Auctions
POSE, ‘Piñata No. 2’, 2012, Julien's Auctions
POSE, ‘Piñata No. 2’, 2012, Julien's Auctions


Numbered in pencil lower left of 125

A tribute to the Hello Kitty characters created over the years, POSE created this work for the 2012 exhibition of "Hello Kitty Hello Art! Works of Art Inspired by Sanrio Characters." POSE uses his signature technique of layering and combining portions of people, or characters in this instance, to create an undeniably cute and unified composition, melding several Hello Kitty characters into one. —Courtesy of Julien’s Auctions

Signature: Signed in pencil lower right

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About POSE

Jordan Nickel, aka POSE, began making graffiti in 1992. In the years since then, he has expanded his vigorous career to include gallery shows of his mixed-media paintings and works on paper, trips around the world to tag with other graffiti artists, and the cofounding of a creative agency, We Are Supervision, that focuses on large-scale, hand-painted signs and murals. “I’m stoked man, every day is like a freebie right now,” he once said about his career. Inspired by the streets, fellow graffiti artists, cartoons, and pop art, his compositions—whether on a wall or on canvas—burst with bright color, energy, and a pileup of fragmented, overlapping images. Humor meets violence in POSE’s works, which may contain references to crime, cops, and destruction next to images of bananas, melting ice-cream cones, or open sardine tins.

American , b. 1980, Evanston, Illinois, based in Chicago, Illinois