Poul Henningsen, ‘Table lamp PH 5/3 ‘Millionaire’ ’, ca. 1930, Galerie Le Beau - Stanislas & Céline Gokelaere

Image rights: ©Galerie Le Beau 2017

Manufacturer: Manufactured by Louis Poulsen

Louis Poulsen, Tina Jorstian, "Light Years Ahead" - The story of the PH Lamp", édition Poul Erik Munk Nielsen, Copenhague,1994. p. 148.

About Poul Henningsen

Author, architect and critic Poul Henningsen contributed greatly to the cultural life of Denmark through his design and literary work. As a designer, his lamps were perhaps his most important contribution; the PH-lamp, his namesake product created in 1925, resembled an artichoke in appearance and applied the multiple layers to reflect and refract light among the varied surfaces. This relationship between light and structure, shadows, glare, and color were the foundation for the designer’s later work, including the PH Grand Piano, which is included in many 20th-century design collections including the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

Danish, 1894-1967, Copenhagen, Denmark