Prajakta Potnis, ‘Capsule’, 2012, Bhau Daji Lad Museum

Image rights: Courtesy: The artist and Project 88

About Prajakta Potnis

Through her compelling and unsettling photographs, paintings, sculptures, and installations, Prajakta Potnis wants to reveal what she sees as the web of systems—familial, societal, governmental, temporal—in which we are held and by which we are affected. As she explains: “My endeavor is to build a relationship between the public and the private space, to see how the outside is affected by the inside, how various elements transgress and finally affect an individual.” Transgression of boundaries and the passage of time are themes that run throughout her work, expressed through images of mottled membranes, encroaching masses of mold, or everyday objects wrapped in packing material. In her solo exhibition, “Time Lapse” (2012), Potnis focused on the slight time difference between Mumbai and Kolkata, which she simultaneously exposed and attempted to bridge in her suite of works.

Indian, b. 1980, Mumbai, India, based in Mumbai, India